Ethylene and acetylene

Acetylene is unsaturated hydrocarbon, colorless, flammable gas, slightly lighter than air and has a pungent odor. It has a triple bond between the carbon atoms belongs to the class of alkynes. Ethylene - is a colorless gas with a faint ethereal odor. It is the simplest alkene. It has a double bond, and therefore refers to unsaturated hydrocarbons. Ethylene and acetylene have miraculous properties: among them ripen green vegetables and fruits. The reason for this is that the ethylene and acetylene stimulate starch to sugar conversion process. In particular, mature rapidly among acetylene citrus (citrines, oranges, mandarins).

Acetylene is unsaturated hydrocarbon, colorless, flammable gas, slightly lighter than air and has a pungent odor

Lactic ripeness Tomatoes tear off the bushes and put in a sealed chamber, where the ethylene is admitted. After 40-50 hours green fruits are scarlet. It is well known that the whole ripe fruit and vegetables difficult to transport over long distances. On the road and on the bases, they often deteriorate and rot. Therefore, we can successfully carry their green, and already in place vegetables and fruits ripen in the chamber, in which let in ethylene or acetylene. Ethylene is a natural maturation factor, because the plants themselves on the stage of fruit ripening produce ethylene.

As the primary combustion gas, acetylene gas is used for welding, and is widely used in flame cutting. Also acetylene is used for the production of acetic acid, aromatic hydrocarbons, plastics, ethyl alcohol solvents. It is used as a source of very bright, white light in a stand-alone luminaires, where he obtained the reaction of calcium carbide and water. And more used in the manufacture of explosives.

Ethylene is produced in bacteria, fungi, lower and higher plants, are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Ethylene is used as starting material for the synthetic production of acetaldehyde and ethanol. It is also used for the synthesis of ethyl acetate, styrene, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride. Ethylene is one of the core products of industrial chemistry and is at the base of a number of chains of polymer synthesis. Ethylene basic direction of use - as a monomer in the preparation of polyethylene.