Homemade paints

Homemade paints can be prepared at home. Take a solution of ferrous fumarate potassium (yellow blood salt) and ferric chloride solution and merge them into one vessel.

Homemade paints can be prepared at home

You will get a blue liquid. The following reaction occurred:

3K4Fe(N)6 + 4FeCl3 = Fe4(Fe(N)6)3 + 12KCl.

The precipitated ferruginous sulphurous iron is nothing but a good blue homemade paint - "Berlin azure".

If you merge solutions of acetic acid lead and potassium chromate, you will get a yellow paint - chromate lead, precipitated:

(b()3)2 + 2rO4 = brO4 + 23.

White homemade paint - "blanfiks" - is obtained by draining solutions of barium chloride and sodium sulfate:

l2 + N2SO4 = SO4 + 2Nl.

Knowing the equations of reactions, it is not difficult for you to calculate how many initial substances you need to take to get the right amount of homemade paint.

In the school laboratory, the initial solutions are best prepared at a concentration of 5-10% and necessarily in distilled water. Falling precipitation (homemade paints) must be filtered, rinsed with distilled water and dried. Homemade paints can be used not only as watercolors, but also as oil, for which they have to be grinded with a small amount of flax or hemp oil or with linseed oil.