Waste heaps

Who was in the Donbas, drew attention to the giant waste heaps which smoke like volcanoes. To stand on the surface of the waste heaps is impossible in ordinary shoes. The earth is literally burning under their feet. Inside waste heaps "burn" too. The temperature, according to some estimates, up to 800-1200 degrees Celsius. Why is this happening?..

Who was in the Donbas, drew attention to the giant waste heaps which smoke like volcanoes

The coal, the peat, the grain, the flour and other bulk flammable materials should not be stored in large mound volume as waste heaps. All are slowly oxidized by atmospheric oxygen and moisture and in their thicker high temperatures often occur. This is because the heat produced is not dissipated through the low thermal conductivity of flammable substances, and they ignite. To avoid this, loose combustible materials "aerate" through specially arranged vents.

Whence waste heaps accumulate so much heat? It turns out that the source of heat is the slow oxidation of pyrite and organic residues rocks with help oxygen and water air steam.

As volcanic crater, steaming waste heaps rich in native sulfur and NH4Cl. Interestingly, the latter compound the waste heaps often contain a huge beautiful crystals, which are formed from the gas phase (NH4 and HCl). These beautiful crystals are sometimes difficult to obtain, even in the laboratory. Furthermore, the waste heaps "breathe" in a number of volcanic atmosphere gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and sulfur gases.

Scientists have developed a lot of projects use waste heaps as the heat source, sulfur and thermal medicinal waters.