The site

Create a site in the Internet is one of the possibilities of modern Internet technologies industry. Actually, in principle, create it slightly harder to create personal electronic mailboxes and e-cards.

Create a site in the Internet is one of the possibilities of modern Internet technologies industry

To create the site primarily requires a server connected to the Internet, on which can be placed the necessary hypertexts. In addition, need to create the necessary name registration at the provider, serving the selected server. In the Internet you can find providers offering free open the website on their servers.

After the registration of the domain name to the website can place hypertext. Accommodation hypertext is made with the help of special programs to create, edit, collect and copy a variety of hypertext. Immediately after placing the very first (main) page of hypertext its information can be read using a web browser in any country with any computer connected to the Internet. Further, it may include new hypertexts by using the same editing programs or files by copying programs prepared beforehand on his office computer.

According to the structure the hypertext is a text with links to other pages that are installed on this server or on other servers on the Internet.

The amount of information is determined by the owners - the people or organizations, which create a website and to place on it your information. The amount of information can range from a few kilobytes to several gigabytes (million kilobytes).

The site can be quite varied. Simple structure - a main page with links to a set of texts. These links may be in the main text of the page or contents to be allocated at the beginning. Home page of the site must be provided with the name that appears on the top line of the screen when the browser loads the website.

In addition to text information in hypertext, you can insert tables, figures and photographs, allowing to create a site with graphic illustrations.

The difference between the website, magazines and books is that the site can be updated as often as necessary, periodically reissued magazines and most books are published only once.