Island of lost ships

It turns out there is the island of lost ships. It is located near the north-eastern coast of North America, at a distance of 200 km from the peninsula of Nova Scotia. Over 500 years, the name of this island is the horror in the navigators, who called it "an island thousands of lost ships", or "island of death". The name of Sable Island. This is the name given to him in 1508 by the French explorer Leary, who first struck him on the map. However, most known as the Sable Island lost ships. Indeed, the island of lost ships Sable resembles the top of a large sand dune, immersed in the expanse of the ocean. Dunes, as you know, are "restless". "Restless" and Sable. Under the action of ocean waves and strong winds, the island moves towards the east with an average speed of 230 meters per year. Over the past 200 years Sable estranged from the mainland to 45 km.

It turns out there is the island of lost ships

Due to changes in the coast of the island of lost ships constantly changing size and its configuration. Today it is almost 4 km longer than the end of the 19th century. The length of the island becomes 44 km and 4 km wide.

Situated on one with the most important shipping lanes, this island for centuries was a graveyard of ships that had the temerity to swim to it. Ships which came into the dark waters, as if caught in some gigantic boiling cauldron. Impenetrable mists, squally winds and treacherous currents knocked them off course and thrown out on the sandbanks, where the waves have completed their terrible thing.

Swirling water near the island due to the fact that here there are two powerful trends - the cold Labrador and warm Gulf Stream. Meeting in shallow water, they form a giant vortex, over which almost a year hanging impenetrable fog and raging storms.

It is believed that the island of lost ships in the last 150 years, sank 505 ships. It is only those who know about! And how many more unknown victims buried in its sands?..

Since the mid-19th century, on the Sable, which was deserted, and there are two lighthouses built lifeboat station. On the island a few people live. They serve lighthouses and a small power station. In addition, on the island live once brought here, wild ponies. On Sable Island there are no trees and sand dunes free to "roam" across its territory.

Climatic conditions do not allow the island's population engaged in agriculture. Even the fish are dangerous. Therefore, all the food is delivered here from the mainland. In the center of the island is the salt lake Wallace. It serves as a landing pad for seaplanes that fly in here for good weather. Maritime communication is possible here only for 2-3 weeks of July, when the lost ships approaching the island allows small vessels.