"The flying Dutchman"

The fact that with the ocean to be trifled with, we can learn from the mysterious and tragic stories, which from time to time played on the world's oceans. "The flying Dutchman" ghost ship, found in the boundless expanse of ocean so far. They suddenly appear and then dissolve like mist in the ocean. The fact that the injured vessel in distress sometimes for a long time afloat. Such "flying Dutchman" in our time can even be in the form of modern large-capacity ships. Sometimes during the year, "the flying Dutchman" met up to three hundred times. Let us consider the most memorable.

The flying Dutchman  ghost ship, found in the boundless expanse of ocean so far

At noon on December 4, 1872, 600 miles west of Gibraltar was seen ship "Mary Celeste", to move under sail in a decidedly unpredictable and unmanaged mode. It turned out, no one ran the ship, only clapping in the wind on the mast tattered sails. On the table in the captain's cabin lay cards, as well as a logbook, the last record which showed that the vessel safely reached nearly the same point where it noticed. The lifeboat was not on the ship. Ship's compass lying broken in a corner of the cabin. In the forecastle reigned the order, all the beds were neatly made. The impression was that the sailors recently and briefly went somewhere. The reason why the team "Mary Celeste" had left the ship, and has remained a mystery to scientists, oceanographers.

In October 1913, off the coast of Tierra del Fuego, near the Punta Arenas, from the English steamer "Johnson" spotted drifting unknown sailing ship. When the ships closer, several members of the crew climbed onto the deck "flying Dutchman". At the stern read half-worn words: "Marlborough Glasgow". Sails and mast covered with a greenish mold, and the deck is rotten to the fact that at every step could fall into the hold. On the bridge and cabins found 20 skeletons. However, neither the hull nor its rigging were not serious damage, which could explain the cause of unhappiness. Later it turned out that 11 January 1890 is a sailing vessel sailed from Lyttelton (New Zealand) to London with a cargo of wool and frozen meat. The last time the sailboat seen April 1 in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Tierra del Fuego.

Since the disappearance of sailing up to the day when we found the "flying Dutchman", has been more than 23 years. During this time, no one on it does not come. All equipment, all things were in their places. Skeletons were there where it should be on a moving sailboat sailors. It seemed that people were suddenly struck down with something?

November 10, 1955 in the Pacific Ocean 187 miles north of the Fiji Islands have found half-submerged ship "Jyoti", all 25 crew members who disappeared while as rescue equipment remained intact.

No one can reliably explain what transformed the vessel into the "flying Dutchman". Mass poisoning? Epidemic? Attack the pirates?..

Scientists theorize special infrasonic waves in the ocean, arising from the storms and high winds on the crests of waves. With increasing wind and wave amplitude of the intensity of the "voice of the sea" rate increases sharply. Moving at a speed of about 330 meters per second, far ahead of infrasound wave movement its spawned hurricane. When carried out laboratory tests generator infrasonic vibrations surrounding suddenly felt very bad. They began to scream in pain. Scientists have proved that infrasound is harmful to all living things on the basis of a series of experiments. Weak - affects the inner ear and cause motion sickness, medium - a disorder of the digestive system and the brain, and sometimes blindness, strong - makes vibrate all the internal organs - the stomach, lungs, heart, leading in the end to stop it. French oceanographer Havre found that infrasound at a frequency of 7 Hz deadly. It turned out in the ocean during a storm generated sound with a frequency of 6 Hz.

Studies have shown that infrasound applies to very large distances. The ship can float in a relatively calm sea, and being caught infrasonic front of the neighboring district, where the storm broke.

To summarize, we have to accept the fact that we still know little about the events taking place in the oceans, which cover most of the surface of our blue planet, including the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, associated with the mysterious disappearances of ships and aircraft.