Of the total mass of rocks and minerals, gems isolated rare properties for which they so dearly prized. The most important one is a beauty. No beauty that brings joy, so highly prized mineral is not. That's because the gems should please the eye bright color, exquisite power cut or a mysterious figure that make gems incomparable with conventional stones. Beauty bright red color attracts the ruby, sapphire blue and emerald green. Beauty attracts in the patterns of agate and aventurine spangles.

Of the total mass of rocks and minerals, gems isolated rare properties for which they so dearly prized

Another important feature that distinguishes the gems is the wear resistance and durability. Since jewelry jewels intended for decoration, then contact them with solid materials with all the ensuing consequences unavoidable. The wear resistance of semi-precious stones is opposed to these phenomena. The value of this property raises gems inserted into the rings or bracelets.

Precious stones differ by their rarity. It is human nature to appreciate the rarity, and not crossed any arguments of common sense the fact that two objects that are equal in beauty, the preference will be given more rare. Synthetic stones or glass imitation may be the same or even more beautiful than precious stones, and yet, most people will choose the gems.

However, in such cases, rare stone is not the sole criterion of its value. Many connoisseurs will undoubtedly feel more highly valued gems were born as a result of the mysterious and wonderful processes in the stone heart of the earth.

Imitation or fake many gems made in the days of ancient Rome. In 1902, French chemist MA Verneuil first received and began to supply the world market synthetic rubies, and later synthetic sapphire and synthetic spinel. The emergence of a large number of synthetic stones are not reduced, but rather increased the importance and value of natural, natural gems. Less rare minerals are often referred to as semi-precious.

Precious stones and minerals as a study of ways to find their precise detection of synthetic fakes section deals with the mineralogy, gemology called.