There are mineral called mica. From it you can gently separate the thin plate knife. But what we did not get to thin plate mica, from it you can always split off even more thin. This remarkable property is endowed with a number of stones, for example, talcum, gypsum and others. Not surprisingly, this property for a long time began to use in everyday everyday life and industry. First of all mica was replaced glass in the windows.

There are mineral called mica. From it you can gently separate the thin plate knife

Mica - group of aluminosilicate minerals having a layered structure and having the general formula R1(R2)3[AlSi3O10](OH, F)2, where R1 = , Na; R2 = Al, Mg, Fe, Li. Mica is one of the most common rock-forming minerals in sedimentary rocks.

Three hundred years ago, there were few windows and no one knew how to do large glass plates. Then, on the shores of the White Sea was mined for mica window-sill. Sometimes the glass is replaced by large sheets of white plaster. When there is a hand glass, or a transparent sheet of gypsum, in the polar north in the winter instead of glass inserted into the transparent plate of ice.

Interesting and beautiful way of application is its use of mica in openwork iron sheets. Finer fishnet patterns covered caskets for storage of textiles, clothing and business papers. Snug wooden base fabric or leather, covered with mica, and over stuffed openwork iron sheets. In shipbuilding mica was used on warships in the ports.

Since the position of the glass industry has changed and is no longer mica replaces glass. But she found a different use in the electrical industry. Electrical spark hit her hard.

There are three kinds of industrial mica. It - sheet mica scrap mica and small (waste from the production of mica).

Man in recent years, does not want to keep up with nature. He learned to cook from nickel metal, gold, platinum, silver, such thin plates that have to put them one million to get just one centimeter thick. Not surprisingly, these metal plates are transparent. For example, mica is glued together with hot glue, rolled through the hot press in the whole so-called micanite sheets, which does not differ from it. Micanite successfully used in electrical engineering as an insulation material.