Oil is one of the most wonderful land of minerals. The liquid oil does flow, evaporating light petrol and other gases. It freezes oil sometimes in the form of a solid mass of wax or heavy fuel oil. Black oil called because really it is mined from the earth in the form of black fragrant mass.

Oil is one of the most wonderful land of minerals

Only after a complicated purification plants and special distillation, clean, clear, completely colorless liquid. In the sun, in the reflected light of these peculiar liquid glow green or purple tones. Finally, the gold called oil because it is a great natural wealth.

But what is the oil and where does it come from? The answer to this question is not easy, still arguing among themselves about its origins, and scientists can not agree. It was thought that the oil rises from very great depths, which is formed under the influence of the action of superheated water vapor at some carbon compounds. But now it turns out that oil is formed closer to the surface and in its formation are involved remains of plants, especially algae. Indeed, in some lakes are collected at the bottom of special substances - sapropel, which consists of dead plants and animals and which together form a sludge with black slurry. If such a slurry will bring sand and clay, descend to a depth and there subjected to heat from below, then from this slurry obtained substances very similar to oil.

Now we know those geological conditions necessary to form oil. Not without reason the largest oil fields stretch along the great mountain ranges. Here in the lowlands, just in marshy lake waters or shallow estuaries retreating seas, created favorable conditions for the accumulation of precipitation and warming below. It is usually accompanied by the oil deposits of salt and gypsum, as the precipitation of salt lakes and flowing with her water contains iodine and bromine. These two substances are talking about the importance of marine plants in the formation of oil.

American geologists talk about some of the interesting properties of the oil produced in the United States. With special precautions, they extracted oil from a depth of 700-800 meters. This oil, appears to contain a bacterium. It is hard to imagine that the bacteria got into the depth from the top. Probably, we have the descendants of those organisms that live at a time when growing plants from which this oil is formed. If the new work will confirm this assumption, then we are the heirs of those subterranean beings that lived several million years ago.

So, oil is formed in the depths of the ancient life remains.