Million is the oldest numerical giant. Often the word "million" is used as a metaphor to refer to a very large number (the number of something). To feel the enormity of this number, it is necessary to spend a little time on the "arithmetic gymnastics". This "gymnastics" develops the ability to properly assess the size of large numbers.

Million is the oldest numerical giant

The term "million" of Italian origin. It is found in the first printed arithmetic (anonymous), published in the Italian city of Treviso in 1478. Even earlier, the term "million" was found in the book nonmathematical traveler Marco Polo (died in 1324). In the form of "Milli", the term "million" was found in the manuscript in 1250.

To feel a million try to clean notebook to put down a million points. Getting Started and its slow pace will feel to you, what is the "real" one million.

For example.

How long does it take your job - to count a million objects of any kind, one in every second?

It turns out that counting non-stop 10 hours a day, you would end up counting for a month! Let's check it out mental calculations: an hour's 3600 seconds, in 10 hours - 36000; three days you are therefore, counted a total of about 100000 items. But 10 is a million times greater. Therefore, to count to it you need 30 days.

Hence, to put in a notebook million points required many weeks of hard and tireless work.