Biologists joke

  • One student was convinced that dolphins are the most intelligent waterfowl mammals, since he received SMS: "Stop writing in the sea."Dolphin Anatoly".

  • There is a lecture at the medical school. The professor says: - Before I tell you the topic of today's lecture, I will tell you a case from my own life. When I was a student, I liked one girl. She also liked another student. The girl gave preference to that student. I stayed with my nose, and that young man - without a nose. Now I will tell you the topic of today's lecture: "Syphilis and its consequences."

  • Two biologists say. My wife loves only cats and dogs. Lucky you then! My prefers only sables and minks!

  • Once upon a time there were two friends of a biologist. And they constantly argued about the afterlife, is there, and if so, what kind. And one of them went to another world. A year has passed, and suddenly the second phone rings. He takes off the phone, and this is his deceased friend calling... Well, of course, the first question: how is it there, in the next world? There is life? Yes, everything is just fine, all biologists live here, develop their own theories, hold conferences - in one word - paradise. By the way, you have a report next week, you prepare...