The air pressure

The air pressure occurs on all objects and Earth's surface. It is created by the gravitational attraction of the air to the earth, and thermal Brownian motion of air and microparticles of different chemical elements. They may be of terrestrial origin or cosmic nature invading the Earth's atmosphere from outer space.

The air pressure occurs on all objects and Earth's surface

The air pressure plays a major role in the next experiment. Take a small bottle with a tight stopper. In the stopper insert a thin glass tube of such a length that it almost reached its bottom and slightly protrudes from the top stoppers (15-20 mm). Pour into a bottle of water for two-thirds of its height, close and put on a piece of soft rubber or wet paper. Then take a glass bottle, hold 4-5 seconds on a gas burner or a kerosene stove. Dial it warm air, and then cover it tightly clutching the neck of banks to rubber or paper. After some time, the air pressure will manifest itself, and you will see from the tube inserted into the bottle squirts a fountain.

Everything is explained simply. When the glass bottle begins to cool, the air pressure in the bottle will be greater than in a glass bottle, and the water will flow through the tube up.