The work of the human brain

Scientists have established that the human brain during operation consumes only 10 watts of energy. Meanwhile, he performs a titanic work: for example, when watching a television program, he processes 107 units of information per second. In this figure, only the information that comes through the eyes is taken into account. In fact, it is much larger. And while there is no explanation for how this can happen with such a miserable expenditure of energy of the human brain. At Moscow University, for example, it was established that thinking at the molecular level is impossible. Brownian motion, which exists there, destroys the thought structures, in which the binding energy is less than the energy of the thermal (Brownian) motion, and those structures in which the binding energy is greater than the energy of the thermal motion of the molecules can not work - 10 watts for this is not enough.

Scientists have established that the human brain during operation consumes only 10 watts of energy

The work of the human brain takes place at the level of nuclear spins - to this conclusion came the Kazan scientists. They consider the water molecule as an elementary "trigger". Young radio amateurs know that this is the simplest element of many radio circuits, including electronic computers. He performs elementary "yes-no" commands, in other words, passes a current or does not miss. Each nerve cell (neuron) is surrounded by a multitude of water molecules, a multitude of living "triggers." In fact, it can be considered a kind of computer that can store and quickly process a large amount of information.

The work of the human brain can be explained as follows. There comes, say, a team to the neuron of the human brain. After the reaction of the neuron, the water molecules surround it, remember it, reorient the spins of the hydrogen nuclei. A signal carrying the information is transmitted. If we remember that there are 14 billion neurons in the human brain, and each of them is a computing device, then it is easy to imagine how much information is processed in the brain. Herein lies the secret of the titanic working capacity of our brain. The brain of a person can be called a quantum computer, for the work of which there is enough 10 volts energy.

True, the quanta that emit water molecules - "triggers", have not yet been measured. The main thing is to create a nuclear generator working on ortho- and para-junctions. The orientation of the spins has changed-the generator emits portions of energy. The device in order to identify them, yet. But you can create it in principle.

Based on their hypothesis, scientists also try to explain the mechanism of memory of the human brain. They believe that all the information received is reflected in each nerve cell. Cells are billions, and they all participate in the formation of "memorable pictures". The recording is based on the principle of holography. Each "picture" corresponds to a hologram in the brain. This, by the way, explains the reliability of the human brain. It works all at once, by using an extremely large number of channels.