Wind power plants of Yuri Kondratyuk

Today there is a lot of talk about alternative energy, new energy sources. When the question of wind energy arises in this topic, the numbers of existing installations in Holland or, say, Australia immediately pop up. And these countries are considered the cutting edge of such science. But what about our scientists? Can they really only catch up and not discover new things? It turns out that things are not so simple. In this regard, we will consider the wind power plants of Yuri Kondratyuk.

Yuri Kondratyuk

The reader will immediately have a perplexed question - Yuri Kondratyuk is known for writing the book "Conquest of Interplanetary Space", which formed the basis of the US Lunar Program. But upon a more detailed study of the biography of Yuri Kondratyuk, it turns out that he not only lived under a different name and surname (his real name is Shargei Alexander Ignatievich), but was also a talented engineer. And he began to show his talents while still working in Novosibirsk at the Khleboprodukt enterprise. His main project was the Mastodon elevator for 13000 tons of grain, built without a single nail. And, as was often the case at that time (and it was 1930), there were "well-wishers" who wrote a denunciation of Kondratyuk's sabotage. And he was sentenced to three years in the camps. True, as a prisoner-engineer, he ended up in a specialized bureau № 14. And this is where our story begins.

Yuri Kondratyuk, together with engineer Gorchakov, took part in the competition for the best project of the Crimean wind farm and won it in 1932

Yuri Kondratyuk, together with engineer Gorchakov, took part in the competition for the best project of the Crimean wind farm and won it in 1932. They were released ahead of schedule and sent to Kharkov to the Institute of Industrial Power Engineering. The scale of development can be judged from the letter from the director of the Shmuglyakov Institute to the People's Commissar of Heavy Industry Ordzhonikidze on August 13, 1934:

"The Ukrainian Research Institute of Industrial Power Engineering has made two projects of powerful wind power plants: one for the previously developed at the Institute scheme with a capacity of 4500 kW and another - with a capacity of 12000 kW for the scheme of engineers Gorchakov and Kondratyuk... Both projects are recommended for implementation... The total cost of two stations, taking into account amendments expertise... 6 million rubles. Of these, the cost of stations with a metal tower and one wind wheel is 2,5 million rubles. and stations from a reinforced concrete tower and two wind wheels - 4 million rubles. The construction period of the stations was determined by the expert commission - one and a half years. We have also identified the places for the construction of the stations: Odessa region and Crimean yayla..."

And in 1937, construction began on the world's most powerful wind farm on Mount Ai-Petri. But the project was never destined to come true. Construction was stopped in 1938, and Kondratyuk was again slandered. This time for gigantomania and adventurism. True, he left the project at the end of 1934 to the Design and Experimental Office of Wind Power Plants in Moscow, so the slander did not have great consequences.

Of course, a reasonable question arises - two engineers were working on the idea: Gorchakov and Kondratyuk. But why are we talking about Yuri Kondratyuk's wind power plants? In this tandem, it was Kondratyuk who was the main creator, and Gorchakov skillfully used his managerial qualities in order, in modern terms, to "push" the project. Even in Kharkov, Gorchakov was mainly engaged in hiring specialists, making orders for making models, surveying the area for construction, etc.

2017 marks the 120th anniversary of the birth of Yuri Kondratyuk. And I would very much like the name of this brilliant engineer not only to be perceived as a designer of flights to near and deep space, but also as a creator of impressive earthly things. What the incredible Mastodon elevator was like. What were the powerful wind farms of Yuri Kondratyuk that did not become a reality.